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Ævar Örn Jósepsson studied journalism, political science and philosophy at the University of Sterling in Scotland from 1986-1987, and graduated as Magister Artium of philosophy and English literature from Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg, Germany in 1994.

Ævar Örn has done various jobs through the years. He worked on fishing boats, was a bank employee, did programs for television and on radio, as well as writing about popular music for the newspaper Þjóðviljinn. Ævar has worked as a journalist on and off since 1994. He has been a freelance translator, and translated various articles, reports, self-help books and other material.

Ævar Örn has sent forward three crime novels, all involving the same team of police investigators. The first one was Skítadjopp in 2002 (A Shitty Job), then Svartir englar in 2003 (Zwarte engelen), and the latest one is Blóðberg (A Cold Place to Die) in 2005. His short story, Línudans was published in the German collection Spannendsten Weihnachtgeschichten aus Skandinavien, as "Sorge dich nicht, sterbe" in 2004. Svartir englar was nominated for the Glass Key, the Crime Writer's of Scandinavia Award in 2004.(bron: Icelandic Literature)

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Zwarte engelen (2006):
- crimezone (12-11-2006) Ine: Crimezone over…


Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

2005, Blóðberg
2003, Svartir englar (Zwarte engelen - 2006)
2002, Skítadjobb

Het overzicht van de originele publicaties is niet per se compleet. Ik streef om praktische redenen geen volledigheid na.


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Zwarte engelen
auteur: Ævar Örn Jósepsson
land: IJsland
vertaald uit het IJslands door Willemien Werkman
vertaling van: Svartir englar, 2003
uitgever: Signatuur, september 2006
ISBN10: 9056721895
genre: thriller

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