Åsa Lind


Åsa Lind grew up in a little village in the north of Sweden, the youngest of four sisters. During her childhood, Åsa heard lots of stories, fairy tales and songs – about her father who was a rock-blaster i.e. an explosives expert, about Ulysses and Njal, about the struggle for justice in the world and about when ‘Beauty came into the village’. The kitchen at home was the centre of the world, and perhaps that is where she became an author – long before she had even learnt to write. Her mother said:“You can think about whatever you want. And nobody can take your thoughts away from you.” Åsa Lind sees her writing as a way of examining reality, trying to understand a part of it, but also a way of examining language itself.What is it possible to express in words? How do you ‘write’ a colour? How do you ‘tell of’ a scent? How can ‘space’ find room in a book? She says that she wants to write books that can be used. Non-fiction books that don’t lie, tales that you can read (or listen to) time and time again. One way of telling how good a book is, is that it can be read aloud many times. The last few years Åsa has lived in the archipelago between Sweden and Finland – the Åland islands – and she writes full-time. She used to work as a journalist and in the restaurant branch. She has also worked quite a lot with illustrations. (bron Pan Agency)

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Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

  • 2006, Furstens dotter
  • 2005, Abrakadabra
  • 2004, Sandvargen och hela härligheten
  • 2004, Prinsessbok
  • 2003, Mera Sandvargen
  • 2002, Änglar finns!
  • 2002, Sandvargen, kinderboek (De zandwolf - 2004)
  • 2001, Klippa, sten & sand : handbok för stendeckare (Stenen, vulkanen, fossielen - 2002)
  • 1998, Din egen flora
  • 1995, Troll-Tula och Nisse

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Overzicht vertalingen:

Boeken 1 tot 2 van de 2

    De zandwolf
    Åsa Lind (Zweden)
    vertaald uit het Zweeds door: Gudrun Rawoens
    De Eenhoorn, oktober 2004
    genre: kinderboek
    ISBN13: 978-90-5838-272-6ISBN: 9789058382726
    oorspr. titel: Sandvargen, 2002

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    Stenen, vulkanen, fossielen
    Åsa Lind (Zweden)
    vertaald uit het Zweeds door: Bernadette Custers
    Ploegsma, april 2002
    genre: kinderboek
    ISBN13: 978-90-216-1914-9ISBN: 9789021619149
    oorspr. titel: Klippa, sten & sand : handbok för stendeckare, 2001

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Boeken 1 tot 2 van de 2