Mikko Rimminen


Born in Helsinki in 1975, Mikko Rimminen has previously published two volumes of poetry: Jännittävää olisi nähdä pihalla lintuja (Tammi 2000: "It would be exciting to see birds on the yard") and Sumusta pulppuavat mustat autot (Tammi 2003: "Black cars gush from the fog") as well as the book Hämärä luonto: Aamun koista yön tuhmaan lintuun - niiden käyttäytymisestä ja elämästä yleensä (Tammi 2001: Obscure nature - An A to Z of metaphorical animals) in collaboration with Kyösti Salovaara.

His first novel Pussikaljaromaani (“Park Life”) from 2004 was a phenomenal success with both critics and readers. The novel was nominated for the Finlandia Prize and was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti literary prize. “Park Life” was published in German in April 2007 and will be published in Dutch, Swedish and Russian in autumn 2007. Rimminen’s second novel Pölkky (“The Block”) is a story about a park attendant in Helsinki, whose inability to do anything renders the narrator extremely excited. The narrator has fallen in love with his own storytelling skills and civilized manners so much that even the most insignificant move by the park attendant is shared with the readers. Rimminen’s second novel is breathtakingly funny and its language is pure genius.(Uitgever teos.fi)


Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

  • 2010, Nenäpäivä
  • 2007, Pölkky
  • 2004, Pussikaljaromaani (Drinkebroersroman, Jongemannen worden mannen - 2007)*
  • 2003, Sumusta pulppuavat mustat autot, poëzie
  • 2001, Hämärä luonto. Aamun koista yön tuhmaan lintuun - niiden käyttäytymisestä ja elämästä yleensä (with
  • 2000, Jännittävää olisi nähdä pihalla lintuja, poëzie

Het overzicht van de werken is niet per se compleet. Ik streef om praktische redenen geen volledigheid na.


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