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Niillas A Somby
Samenland (Sápmi)


De beschrijving is (nog) niet beschikbaar.


Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

2016, Gumppe diimmus
2002, Skálveáddjá - Driftman (Skálveáddjá - Driftman - 2002)

Het overzicht van de originele publicaties is niet per se compleet. Ik streef om praktische redenen geen volledigheid na.


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Skálveáddjá - Driftman
auteur: Niillas A Somby
land: Samenland (Sápmi)
vertaald uit het Samisch door Kaija Anttonen
vertaling van: Skálveáddjá - Driftman, 2002
uitgever: Davvi Girji o.s., 2002
ISBN10: 8273745163
genre: kinderboek

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When the whale ran aground
auteur: Niillas A Somby
land: Samenland (Sápmi)
uitgever: Govadas, 1996
ISBN10: 8291708002
genre: kinderboek

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Boeken 1 tot 2 van de 2

Vertalingen in tijdschriften en bloemlezingen (1)

  • (0) In the wolf's hour

    This is the personal story of Niillas A. Somby, who took part in the Alta controversy in the late 1970s. When civil disobedience and hunger strike did not help, he started to plan and execute a sabotage action to fight for the Sámi rights.
    Unfortunately, the action did not go as planned, and Niillas lost an arm and his left eye. He was first hospitalized, and afterwards brought in prison.
    After hunger striking in prison, Niillas managed to escape and got political asylum by First Nations peoples in Canada.
    When he finally was allowed to come back to Norway, he was bullied and received murder threats.
    In the end of the book, several newspaper clippings document the hard words of media during Niillas`s fight for the Sámi rights. This is an important book to read.