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Jovnna-Ande Vest is originally from a small Sami village on the Finnish side of Deatnu, the Tana River, though he has lived in Paris for most of his adult life. Vest is perhaps the most distinctive writer of prose among Sami authors. He made his debut with the book Čáhcegáddái nohká boazobálggis (The Reindeer Track Ends at the River Bank) in 1988. This book won first prize in the very first Sami novel competition ever held by a Sami publishing house, and is a literary biography of Vests father that is simultaneously a collective novel about the arrival of the new times in Samiland. Later he published two novels with an almost existential theme, before beginning the first Sami trilogy, Arbbolaccat (The Heirs), which was published in 1997, 2002 and 2005. The main focus here is on the small, fictional Sami village Mahtebaiki and its inhabitants. The trilogy again takes up Vests earlier focus on how the new times are changing peoples behavior, manners and social life. Vest is a master of dialog, and it is mostly in personal relationships and trivial conversations that the plot plays out. There is no external drama in the narrative, but because of the narrative style and the language use, the reader is submerged into the daily life of the characters in a manner that confirms the story’s intimate familiarity with the material. Vest has also been nominated as a Sami candidate for the Nordic Council Literary Prize in 2006. (bron: Harald Gaski - Whispering treasures 2012)

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Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

2015, Astrid ja Anton 1. oassi
2014, Goldnan golleguolbanat
2005, Árbbolaččat 3: Goalmmát oassi
2002, Árbbolaččat 2: Nubbi oassi
1997, Árbbolaččat 1 : vuosttas oassi
1992, Eallin bihtát
1991, Kapteainna ruvsu
1988, Čáhcegáddái nohká boazobálggis

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  • Whispering Treasures (2012), pag. 63-75. The Reindeer Track Ends at the River Bank

    uit: Čáhcegáddái nohká boazobálggis