Rauni Magga Lukkari: The Time of the Lustful Mother

Titel: The Time of the Lustful Mother
Oorspronkelijke titel: Árbeeatni, 1996
Vertaald uit het Samisch door: Kaija Anttonen
Genre: poezie
Uitgever: Davvi Girji o.s., 1999
ISBN13: 978-82-7374-419-7ISBN: 9788273744197

Flaptekst / Beschrijving

Rauni Magga Lukkari was born in 1943 in Utsjoki, Finland. She now lives in Tromso in Norway. She is one of the most famous Sámi poets, and her poems have been translated into may langauages. She is espceially known as a poet who portrays the life of Sámi women - in a way that schows deep apreciation of their strength and skills.

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