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Kirste Paltto
Samenland (Sápmi)


Kirste Paltto is the Sami author with the largest, broadest and most well-rounded production to her name. She has written novels, short stories, poems and childrens and young adult books, as well as radio plays and theatrical drama. Paltto was born and raised in Deatnu, the Tana River Valley, which has a rich and vibrant oral culture. The Tana River, marking the border between Norway and Finland in the north, also happens to be Europe’s best salmon-fishing river.

Kirste Paltto made her debut with a collection of short stories in 1971, which was the first book of belles lettres written by a Sami woman. She was also the first chair of the Sami Authors Association, established in 1979. In her childrens books Paltto often takes Sami legends and fairy tales as her starting point, but makes the stories relevant for the contemporary situation, often as commentary on the ways in which Sami culture and other indigenous cultures have been exploited. Her poetry also makes reference to other indigenous literature, such as in the poetic cycle “Has Anyone Asked the Eagle,” from the poetry collection Beavvdza bajasddnsun (Sunbreak Dance) from 1986.

Kirste Paltto’s novels belong to the realist tradition, and borrow features from both Finnish and Russian novel writing. In 2007 she concluded a novel trilogy about the fictional village of Riebanjavri, in which she describes the social changes and loss of traditional values in a small Sami community before, during and after the Second World War changes caused by pressure from the majority society on all fronts. Kirste Paltto has won a number of prizes, and has been nominated for both the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Prize and the Finlandia Prize. (bron: Harald Gaski - Whispering treasures 2012)

In 2020 won ze de Saami Council's Prize for Literature met het kinderboek Luohtojávrri oainnáhusat.

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Overzicht publicaties (met vertalingen):

2019, Jođašeadddji násti
2016, Luohtojávrri oainnáhusat (Strange Happenings at Wild Lake - 2016)
2015, Gávdnui guhkkin váris
2013, Ale fal muital
2007, Ája
2007, Násttit muohtagierragis
2001, Suoláduvvan [verhalenbundel]
1997, Beštoriin
1994, Urbi
1992, 256 golláža
1991, Guržo luottat
1990, Divga
1989, Guovtteoaivvat nisu
1988, Dávggáš ja násti
1987, Guhtoset dearvan min bohccot (Zeichen der Zerstörung - 1997)
1985, Beaivváža bajásdánsun
1984, Golleozat. Sápmelaš álbmotmáidnasa vuođul
1982, Go Ráhkun bođii Skáhpenjárgii
1980, Vilges geađgi (The White Stone - 2011)
1979, Riđđunjárga

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Overzicht vertalingen:

Boeken 1 tot 3 van de 3

Strange Happenings at Wild Lake
auteur: Kirste Paltto
land: Samenland (Sápmi)
vertaling van: Luohtojávrri oainnáhusat , 2016
genre: kinderboek

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The White Stone
auteur: Kirste Paltto
land: Samenland (Sápmi)
vertaald uit het Samisch door Rauna Kuokkanen
vertaling van: Vilges geađgi, 1980
uitgever: Davvi Girji o.s., 2011
ISBN13: 978-8273747822
genre: kinderboek
illustraties van Ulrika Tapio Blind

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Zeichen der Zerstörung
auteur: Kirste Paltto
land: Samenland (Sápmi)
vertaling van: Guhtoset dearvan min bohccot, 1987
uitgever: persona verlag, 1997
genre: roman
vertaald in het Duits uit de Finse vertaling Voijaa minun poroni

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Boeken 1 tot 3 van de 3

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